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Welcome to my homepage. You can contact me following the links at the right bottom of the page.
There is no real content here, I only track my workouts on that domain.


In total there are 3273 workouts tracked for 12286.12 km over a period of 2 month 14 days and 19 hours burning 912081 Calories (Burgers 1689) - that is equivalent to 0.307 times around the world or 0.032 trips to the moon.


Workouts in 2016

Sport Distance Pace Duration
3 Runs 20 km 6:43 min/km 0d:2h:11m:58s
443 city bike rides 1678 km 11.9 km/h 5d:21h:10m:18s
249 Swims 531 km 20:33 min/kmh 7d:13h:52m:13s
7 Inline Skates 78 km 15.1 km/h 0d:5h:10m:49s
7 Squash Matches     0d:2h:21m:11s
709 workouts 2307 km 13d:20h:46m:29s


Recent Workouts

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Last seen at 21.53 o'clock on 27-10-2016 in Amsterdam, NL
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